Create interesting pages to attract new audiences

The mobile phone is more than just a helpful support device to attract new audiences. With iFrapp you will be able to create amazing applications for Facebook, home pages, and landing pages, without having any knowledge about programming or creating applications.

Hiring a web designer and having a strong investment used to be necessary to build attractive pages, but now’re able to create brand-new web pages with almost nothing to invest and without any help from a third party.


Use it for:

  • Letting your fans and followers know what you're up to.
  • Creating a gallery with photos and videos.
  • Making special offers like combo packs with concert tickets, stickers, T-shirts, and your own CD.
  • Creating special promotions with a one-time offer, or creating an awesome landing page with your most relevant information and using it like a communication tool to show off to the press and media.