A three-day, on location workshop designed to help decision makers of music institutions to craft a collective brand that can effectively drive a project, orchestra, festival or performance house.


In three sessions we explore your connection with music and your unique story to uncover what we call your artistic DNA – that which makes your brand flourish, with your values and integrity intact.

This gets built into a compelling visual brand capable of captivating wide audiences.

We then define the precise audience you want to attract, and create a practical action plan that fits your timeframe and budget. 



  • Get clear on your collective story and pull out what is fascinating about your musical project
  • Uncover your synergic DNA – the unique value that only your organization can offer to the world  
  • Identify the elements that will be used to represent your institution visually as a brand 
  • Help you define the audience you want to attract
  • Explore ways to ensure the consistency of every public representation of your project or institution – across web, PR, and social media 
  • Connect with design and marketing resources that will bring your brand to life



  • 3 x 3-hour in-person sessions 
  • Pre-session writing exercises for all participants, to ensure that everyone gets the most out of the workshop
  • Your collective artistic DNA – an overarching statement that guides your project as it moves forward
  • Follow-up tips and exercises to help you keep your brand consistent across all media channels

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“Josep Molina combines his great sense for the visual arts with a deep understanding of the classical music world and branding. We are amazed by Josep’s creativity!”

Mahler Chamber Orchestra -