Part 3 - Three Steps to Make a Brand Work for You!

We already know what is a brand and how you to start building one.

We already know that it is built by your audience, under your command. However, in this post I am going to explain the internal process so you can make it work the way you want it to!

Science tells us that under the laws of physical attraction between two people, “equals attract.”

One person does something, in some manner, that causes the other person to be attracted to him or her because they share some of their values. They have in common a worldview.

The same is true in music branding.

Pure Physics!

Your brand, like a person, does something that attracts the other person, your audience. An effective brand causes a positive effect or feeling in the members of your audience that makes them want to hear more, to be part of who you are.

I am going to explain an experiment you can do that will show you what I mean. You can see a real-life demonstration of the experiment here

First, we take two tuning forks that vibrate at the same frequency, the same note. Call them Tuning Fork 1 and Tuning Fork 2. Setting them side by side, we strike Tuning Fork 1. Tuning Fork 1 starts to vibrate. 

But guess what? Tuning Fork 2, even though we did not strike it, starts to resonate at the same frequency!

Tuning Fork 2 is responding to the vibrations emitted by Tuning Fork 1. Tuning Fork 1 is CONNECTING with Tuning fork 2! The sound arrives at the receiver and causes a sympathetic reaction

Guess what, your brand is like the note produced by the Tuning Fork 2. It’s the result.

If they think what you think, they will follow you because they want to be part of what they like about you. 

But, if your Brand is what people think of you? What is your photos, logo, web, videos, interviews?

THE SECRET: Introducing your Masterwork

Think about the tuning fork example. The air between the two is the channel through which the vibrations pass to transmit the tone. The space between you and your audience is filled with all the pieces that will make up your brand.

Your website, videos, photographs, music, in other words, your MASTERWORK is what your audience hears and reacts to. It’s what you communicate and they receive.

3 Steps to Make a Brand Work for You:

Now imagine if each of us were a big tuning fork. What if each of us had the ability to send and receive?

You need to understand the note or frequency that you emit. Once you do, then the notes you emit will make the other “tuning forks” vibrate along with you. You will connect with them and vibrate together in harmony creating a deep connection.

Your Masterwork constructed and commanded by you, sends out the message that will connect and resonate with your audience.

In order to succeed crafting your Masterwork, you need to keep three ideas in mind:

  1. BE COHERENT: You have to be sure you are harmonizing and there is no interference with the signal you are transmitting. That means being coherent! In order to broadcast a clear and direct message, you have to put everything you THINK, SAY and DO in alignment. This is the only way you will be able to send a clear and unambiguous signal that will resonate with other people (your audience).

  2. UNDERSTAND THE WORLDVIEW: You need to be sure that the frequency you broadcast on targets those who are on the same frequency as you. You need to understand your audience’s worldview and prepare a message that will be appealing to them.

  3. BE NOVEL: Without a surprise or an unexpected message it’s difficult to catch someone's attention. Your Masterwork, (your collection of storytelling pieces) must draw your audience’s attention and bring something new to the scene.

Remember: The only way to succeed in personal branding is:

  1. Know what you want to communicate.

  2. Understand your Audience’s worldview. 

  3. Create and command your masterwork in a focused audience.

  4. Let them create your brand for you.

Now you understand why “bandiing music” is written with a double “i.”

“Diing” is what I call the sound a tuning fork makes when hit. This is also why there is a tuning fork as part of the logo.


Your brand “diings” when it resonates with your fan base or audience.

Your brand is pure physics!