Part 2 - How to Create Your Brand

We already know what a brand is, now we want to learn how to create one in four lessons. (If you are still not exactly sure of what a brand is, my previous post will explain.)

Lesson 1: You can’t create a brand!

If you want to understand how to create a brand, you must first understand this:

A brand is not created; it is constructed! Tweet this


You can’t construct a brand without careful planning and, more important, careful communication.

Let me explain what I mean by using an analogy.

Imagine that you want to build your dream house. You have an idea, and you want to hire some workers to help you build it. You hire the workers, tell them what you want, and let them build it.

Guess what? The house they built looks nothing like what you expected! You thought you were clear in communicating the instructions to them, but their interpretation, or misinterpretation, of your instructions, resulted in the construction of something entirely different from what you imagined. 

 ©Jessica Nunemaker

©Jessica Nunemaker

You thought you explained how you wanted your dream house to look. The final look of the house was clear in your mind. However, for the workers, just telling them how great the house will look was not enough. If you had given them a set of detailed plans, the result would have been very different. With clearer instructions and better guidance, the home would have turned out exactly as you imagined it would.

Your ideal brand is like the dream house. 

Your dream brand isn’t created; it is constructed like a house!

You need the help of your audience (your workers), to construct your brand (your house). You must, however, give you audience carefully crafted instructions and communicate these instructions clearly, to build your “dream” brand.

The more clearly you communicate to your audience, the closer your brand gets to become the ideal brand that you always imagined it would be. Tell your story clearly, as I explain in "Storytelling for Musicians: Two Easy Steps to Success."

Creating a guide, a plan that expresses your artistic DNA, is vital to drive your brand forward, to make your brand what you always wanted it to be.

Lesson 2: The Answer is; Yes!

I am often asked, do I really need to construct a brand to continue with my career?

Many people ask me this. They ask if it is that important to control and enhance my personal brand. The answer is yes! 

A healthy brand is like having a personal press agent working for you 24/7 Tweet this


 ©Andreas Feininger

©Andreas Feininger

Think of the analogy of the house. Some people’s brand is like a one story home. Some may be three stories. Some people’s brand is like a glass shiny skyscraper. 

A successful brand is the one that can be seen from far away and attracts people through their eyes and other senses.

 What sort of house are you building? One story? Three stories? Or maybe a skyscraper (think brand!) that will stand out among all the other homes that people will talk about and come from miles away to see!


A solid, well-thought out and consistent brand is like having a personal press agent working for you 24 hours a day. While you are studying, sleeping, practicing or on vacation, the press agent is always working on your behalf.

Lesson 3: The Key to Branding Success

Your brand generates inspiration! Your brand is passed by word of mouth: first to one person, then another. Before you realize it, you have created a solid base of loyal followers who believe in you! 

Why? Because you have learned how to communicate your values! This is the key to branding success. 

You have learned how to construct your brand through clear communication to your audience. You can communicate with your photos, as I discuss in my blog here, your videos, press releases and social media. 

This is the key, the way in which you can focus your audience, guide them and help them create your brand, exactly how you imagine it.


From that moment on, thanks to your detailed planning and communication, your audience will be your press agent. They will work to construct your brand on your behalf, exactly according to your plans.

Lesson 4: How to Measure Success in Branding.

Whatever you decide to do, measuring success in brand creation is easy.

You will have a successful brand when you feel comfortable with who you are and what you do, and your audience feels compelled to follow you and to share it with others.


We know what a brand is and how it is constructed. I the next post, I will explain how branding works.