4 lessons for innovative musicians

Tradition, especially in classical music, and fear of what others will say, is like carrying a backpack that very often weights too much. 

I’ve just come back spending a week between one of the greatest orchestras in the world, the Mahler Chamber Orchestra.

During the last year we’ve been together on a journey, discovering their DNA. Together with James Inverne we did a Brand workshop and meetings with all the members to understand what makes them unique.

Why they do what they do and

why anybody should care


Finally, I worked together with the Molina Visuals' team to create all the storytelling tools: photos, videos, new visual identity, Logo, and a brand new website. To help them communicate their core values. 

You can already see the results here

This amazing project allowed me to learn so many things that I would need to write a book to capture all that I learned. And maybe I will eventually! 

But meanwhile There are four very important lessons that I learned recently and I want to share them with you.

1. Quality of the Performance First!

Musicians that rely on a great marketing campaign without delivering great quality won’t last very long.

This is the most important lesson I learned. They are a community of exceptionally gifted musicians and human beings. The quality of their playing is superb. The intent, passion, and energy they deliver during their performance it’s something that is not often found in orchestras. 

If the quality of the performance doesn’t meet your audience’s expectations, you’ll will not connect with them, and there is no chance to succeed. 

2. You Need to Communicate

You can have the most precious project in the word, but if you don’t communicate it to the audience, or you don’t do it in the right way, society won’t know about you. 

That means, understanding what is important to communicate and to whom. Or, to say it in another way, know who is your audience and create a message appealing to them with storytelling pieces. This way, they will want to know more from you, about you, and be a part of your performance.

3. Average Equals Invisible: The Fearlessness Should Lead the Change!

When a final decision depends on agreement among a large group, the chances to get an innovative and striking result always diminish. 

The ones with fears can take the energy away from the ones with vision, and the result is a compromise, which will diminish the final message.

Innovation and creativity matter! The ones with vision and fearlessness should lead the rest of the group toward change.

This is also valid for individuals. If you are by yourself and, in order to make a decision on some aspect of your career, you compare yourself to others that are doing the same, you chances of being innovative and gaining the interest of your audience are very limited.

4. Fear Destroys any Chance of Success

In Napoleon Hill's words:

“How many people don’t live their dreams because they are so worried about what “they” may say!

What other people think of you is none of your business. It’s what you think of yourself that counts.

Most people don’t actually think because they are too busy with their own lives to worry what you’re doing.

So, just get out of there and make things happen." 

This is so true!

The Mahler Chamber Orchestra is a clear example of this in classical music and can be an inspiration for all of us. 

For me, they represent a new paradigm for an orchestra that blends perfection, tradition, passion, elegance and innovation at all levels. Not only musically, but also in terms of internal organization. They are like a brand new startup!

They understood that it’s necessary to communicate their values visually; that people will enjoy the concerts even more if they know their story; and that they’ll create even deeper connections if they explain what they believe in.

Would you like to get to know them? Watch this short animation video and start discover them!