I have created this website specifically for classical musicians


As the Creative Director for the creative agency, Molina Visuals, I have many years of experience, leading all kinds of projects from huge websites to complicated photo sessions.

When it comes to visual communication, I know what does and doesn’t work.


Josep Molina is a Brand Consultant and Creative Director for classical musicians and institutions, helping them connect with their audiences.

He is the founder of the creative agency MolinaVisuals, the resourceful blog MusicBrandiing.

Before becoming an entrepreneur, he developed as a professional violinist and member of a string quartet.

Josep believes that we are all here to bring something distinctive to society, and that our backgrounds, our talents, and our dreams create unique constellations of extraordinary value. 

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A Brand is more than just a photo.

It represents everything you do and want to do in life, and the person you are and want to be. 

Your brand is the way people perceive you.


Your visual identity is only one small part of your identity as an artist. It's an expression of your masterwork that will build your brand.

Too many artists fail to define what it is that they want to transmit, which is where the help of a brand consultant becomes important.


Diing is what I call the sound a tuning fork makes when hit. 

I am always amazed by what happens when you hit a tuning fork and put it near another tuning fork with the same pitch – the second one starts to vibrate and resound with the first one.

This is called sympathetic resonance 


When you are completely in tune with who you are, you flow and vibrate in your frequency. 

Just like a tuning fork, you radiate sound for everyone to hear. Those who vibrate in the same frequency – who are on your wavelength – will resonate with you. 

This is how you connect with your audience.